Sunday, March 30, 2008

Great NWA Tip

Thanks Jessica for this tip.

If you have a NWA credit card, you need to check this out TODAY. It expires tomorrow.

Earn 2 miles for every $1 you spend on gas and groceries between April 5 and June 20.

This is double the normal miles NWA gives for their credit card.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Update

Okay- the last few weeks, if not the last few hours, have been a blurr. I've enjoyed it, but my life has swirled around me at such a rapid pace that I feel lucky to arrive anywhere on time, with my thoughts organized.

Here's a brief summary of the month:
--> visited LA (Santa Monica, Malibu, and Burbank)
--> visited Santa Barbara, California
--> visited Savannah, Georgia
--> worked a lot (end of Q1 coming up next week)
--> networked
--> spent time with friends

The past week has been extra exciting. Last Wednesday, I flew to Georgia to visit my brother and his family (thanks Robbie for dropping me off!). He is on leave for a few days from this current assignment in Baghdad. I got a chance to see my parents, brother and his wife, 4 kids, 3 dogs, 1 turtle, 1 hamster, and various friends and fish. Ha. :) It was busy! The nephew turned 8, so that was fun.

On Saturday morning, I flew back to Memphis (thanks Jessica for picking me up!). I went to see the final regularly scheduled RiverKings game in Miss. that evening. Of course, they won. :~) They're in the play-offs now.

Sunday was Easter. Unfortunately, the spa was closed, but fortunately brunch was open. I had a wonderful, music filled brunch at Boscos Squared in Midtown. Sunday night, I made ribs and watched The Waitress. :~)

Monday was very possibly one of the most random days I've had in a while. After work, I thought I would go home and have a quiet evening alone- possibly baking, or something else requiring little to no concentration. On my way home, a friend from the building called and asked me to meet him and 3 friends at the Westin for Monday night happy hour. How could I turn it down? So, I stopped by- for one hour. Determined to have a quiet night, I headed home. Before I made it into the elevator, I ran into another neighbor. He was just getting back from the airport, from a trip that had kept him out of town for over a week. He asked me to dinner and still in my suit and carrying my work bag, we took off immediately for India Palace in Midtown. Dinner was great! About midway through the meal, another neighbor called and asked to stop by and eat with us. So, he did, which was great. Almost finally back home, we get a phone call from two neighbors walking home who need a ride. We swing back around and pick them up. Before we've even made it back home, a plan has formed for cards and darts back in our building. Needless to say, my quiet night at home ended around midnight, when I finally made it home. It was great fun. Did I mention that I won at darts twice? :~)

Yesterday wasn't quite as random as Monday, but just as busy. I started off with meetings first thing in the morning at 8 AM. The meetings continued up until it was time to go home. After work, I went horseback riding in Germantown. After horseback riding, I visited a neighbor, cooked dinner, and showered. Then, I was off to a party planning meeting. Immediately following the party planning meeting, I went for drinks at Le Chardonnay in Midtown. Again, didn't get home until close to midnight. Wow!

Tonight, I absolutely must get more rest. I'm meeting a friend right after work for drinks. After that meeting, I'm going to have to go home and just lay on the couch. I'm exhausted!

Thursday, Ballet Memphis is having an open rehearsal at lunch from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at 100 Peabody Place in Downtown Memphis. You should check it out!

Also on tap for this week:

* Wine event at the Memphis Zoo
* Happy Mexican dance club opening
* Trolley Tour
* Blake's Birthday
* The Spa...!!!

See you again soon. Hope your week is exciting...!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Eddie Izzard Coming to Memphis!!!!

Oh my goodness! A show that you just should not miss is coming to Memphis—Eddie Izzard!

He’s a fabulous comedian—LOVE him! If you haven’t seen him before, you should. Look him up on Net Flix. :~)

I just bought two tickets and already quite a few are sold. Apparently, his fan club got dibs. Anyway, here’s the information about his upcoming show.

Comedian and actor EDDIE IZZARD, adored by fans and critics alike for his lightening quick wit and surreal humor is back and starting the largest comedy tour of his career.

Izzard’s new one man show fittingly titled STRIPPED will hit North America this April with performances in 34 cities.

Critics have described Izzard as everything from the "funniest man in pretty much all of the known universe," to "a human search engine," to "a surrealist maestro of historical and scientific trivia”, and "a one-man Monty Python crew."

Izzard won acclaim in the U.S. with his first one man show, DRESS TO KILL which debuted on HBO and won two Emmy Awards. His last record breaking tour, SEXIE, sold-out 15 cities, including a week at New York's City Center, and a week at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.

In between tours, Izzard has earned rave reviews for his acting talent seen on television in the hit FX series, THE RICHES; on the big screen in Steven Soderbergh’s OCEANS 13; and on Broadway, where he starred in the acclaimed revival of A DAY IN THE DEATH OF JOE EGG. Izzard received a Tony nomination or "Best Leading Actor in a Play" for his performance.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Timely Persuasion

My friend Jacob has just published a book that you should check out! Here's a note from Jacob on the book, Timely Persuasion.

As many of you probably know, I've been working on a novel on and off
(mostly off) since the end of iNetNow in mid 2003. I'm happy to announce that my
labor of love has finally paid off and "Timely Persuasion" is officially
available starting today.

The short pitch is it's a rock and roll time travel story, but I'll let
the website speak for itself.

For more info, check out the following:

Primary website with details, special features, and purchase
Free online version of the novel.
Future updates and tidbits will be posted
here to keep people's inboxes clean ;)

Please spread the word!