Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Book: The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce

I found a new book that I've been reading and I just love-- I highly recommend it! It's The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce by Wallerstein, Lewis, and Blakeslee.

It's a 25 year study of children whose parents divorced in the 1970's and 80's when they were young kids. The authors collected data about the children as they grew up and analyzed it to find similarities between them.

My parents divorced when I was in Kindergarten, age 5. I've always been interested in the way that the experience shaped my life. To learn how it effected other people and the common intersections... it's all very intriguing.

Here's a summary from During the last 40 years, our society's views on how families are created and how they operate has undergone a tremendous shift. In The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce, authors Judith Wallerstein, Julia Lewis, and Sandra Blakeslee have assembled a variety of stories from people of different ages and life stages. Some are children of divorce, some are from families that stayed unhappily intact, but all of them offer valuable information important to all of us as parents, children, and members of society at large. Separate chapters focus on the different roles children take on in the event of a divorce or unhappy marriage, ranging from positive role model to deeply troubled adolescent. In many cases, the people interviewed continue to define themselves as children of divorce up to 30 years after the occurrence; this is described by one subject as "sort of a permanent identity, like being adopted or something."

Both encouraging and thought-provoking, the final chapter questions how we maintain the freedom made possible by divorce while, at the same time, minimizing the damage. The authors' response to this question begins with pragmatic suggestions about strengthening marriage--not bland "family values" rhetoric but practical how-to ideas combined with national policy initiatives that have been making the rounds for years. With fascinating stories and statistics, Wasserstein, Lewis, and Blakeslee have illuminated the improvements within reach while our society experiences these massive changes in it's most fundamental relationships. --Jill Lightner
Check out the book here on Amazon.

Here are some of the quotes that I found to be interesting:

  • "As I listed to Gary describe what it was like to play in his backyard, it struck me that children from divorced families do not talk this way.... When children of divorce did remember playing with friends as an important experience of childhood, the memories were from before the divorce... children of divorce have other, more pressing concerns. Is Mom all right? Is Dad going to pick me up tonight?..."
  • "...divorce is a watershed that permanently alters their lives. The world is newly perceived as a far less reliable, more dangerous place... this new anxiety represents the end of childhood."
  • "As every child of divorce told me, no matter how often they see their parents, the image of them together as a loving couple is forever lost... Unlike children from intact families, children of divorce in our study spoke very little about their parents' interaction... the parents' interaction was a black hold-- as if the couple had vanished from memory and the children's conscious inner life."

Wow, interesting, huh? Hopefully, I'll share more with you as I go; I'm on page 50 now, so I've just started.

Wowsa! Engagement Ring Found...

It's been quite a while since I've really blogged, so I think it's finally time to sit down and write. I'm finally feeling much much better (minus the rib and back pain) and my life is swinging back to normal. We're not there yet, but its getting closer.

The past few days have just been wild... I've wanted to share, but today I finally feel like I should write....

You'll never believe what happened to me today!

On my way out of my apartment building this morning, I found something next to my car on the ground: a big diamond engagement ring! It was between 3 and 4 carrots total... with 3 diamonds, in a platinum setting, with a gold trim. Beautiful ring!

Immediately, my mind began to race. How would I get the ring back to its owner? Who could I trust and how would I know?

First, I took the elevator back upstairs to the office in my building. I thought that I'd drop it off at the front desk as lost. Then, I realized... not everyone's honest-- and I'm not a huge fan of all of the staff in my building. So, I decided to take things into my own hands and turned on my heel, heading back to my car.

I put the diamond engagement ring in my purse with a plan to print "found ring" signs to hang in the lobby of the building. Then, I was off to work.

At lunch, I decided to drive to Pizza and a Movie on Harbor Town to return two movies that I should have taken back yesterday. Since I was already there, I decided to pick up sushi at Miss Cordelia's. After getting my food, I headed up to the checkout.

Just after paying my bill, I noticed a hand drawn sign that said "Lost Engagement Ring" with a sketch of the ring on it. It looked like it might have been the same ring.

I asked the clerk, "does this person live in X building?" and the clerk said, "no, but she did lose her ring. it must be hers." "Well, I'll talk to her," I said. "Who is she?" "She's a chef in the back," the lady replied.

"Hmm..." I thought, "this doesn't seem right... she doesn't live near me and she's a cook? I don't know if this could be the right person."

I then went to the back of the store, where I found this chef sitting outside, talking with a friend. They must have been mourning her loss.

I recognized the chef-- I spoke with her around two months ago. She was riding in an elevator in my building. She had parked near my car. She was there to teach a cooking class.

So, I went up and asked her where she lived... turns out she has a SECOND place in my building. She was just there recently.

At this point, I explained that this morning I found an engagement ring next to my car and I started to unzip my red purse. Just as I began to reach inside, the lady became very quite and her friend began to gasp.

When I pulled out the ring, the lady began to cry. Her friend began to confirm, "that's her ring! That's absolutely her ring!"

She was clearly in a little shock. After she had a moment, she said, "can I know your name?" Clearly this was a big moment for her. I left her with a business card.

A few thank yous and hugs later, I was on my way back to work. I was so relieved to have found the ring's proper owner.

The rest of the day went great.

Then, when I got home tonight, there were FLOWERS at my door! How fun-- she left me a thank you note and flowers saying "Angela! Many thank-you's for finding my Diamond Ring!! Thank you again!"

I had no expectations for a gift, but anyone who knows me KNOWS how much I LOVE flowers! (P.S. The flowers are from Gestures -- my favorite Memphis flower shop)

I wish I'd taken a photo of the ring, so that I could have shared it with you. It's pretty cool. I may have to share one of the flowers... we'll see.

Well, that's it. Pretty cool, huh? What a day filled with fate.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Memphis Bloggers: Free Tickets Anyone...?

Memphis Bloggers--

I have a group of free tickets to this upcoming performance this Friday at the Hi-Tone.

It's a concert that will help local bands make their way to South by Southwest this year.

Performers are: Snowglobe, Giant Bear, Jamie Randolph and the Bloodsuckers, Jump Back Jake, Holly Cole and DJ Witnesse.

Show starts @ 9 PM.

If you are a Memphis blogger and you would like free tickets, e-mail me at

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Google told to remove content from site


Google Inc. lost a copyright lawsuit Tuesday to Belgian newspapers that had demanded it remove headlines and links to news stories posted without their permission. The ruling, if confirmed, could set a precedent for how Web search engines link to copyrighted material in the tumultuous arena of online news.

The company behind the world's most-used search engine immediately said it would appeal, claiming its Google News service was "entirely legal" and the Belgian decision was a one-time result that would not be repeated elsewhere.

The Brussels Court of First Instance ruled that California-based Google could not call on exemptions, such as claiming "fair use" because it says it reviews press articles when it displays headlines, a few lines of text, photos and links to the original page.

"Google is reproducing and publishing works protected by copyright," it said. "Google cannot call on any exceptions set out by law relating to copyright or similar rights."

For the entire article, go here:

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hello World!

I know, I know... it's been a while. Forgive me; I've been a little super-saturated with the internet lately.

I'm not sure how many times I can re-read TMZ and CNN; if you're behind, lots has been happening. Anna Nicole died, Justin T. had the flu, and Lindsey's back in rehab. Lol. Isn't it odd that TMZ has achieved full on news status? Not only that, since when is J.T.'s flu something we should be learning about on the major news networks? I've seen actual *news* programs quoting TMZ and interviewing their president (or whoever he is) way too much lately.

Well... back to reading US Weekly.... lol...

In other news, I haven't reviewed how people are finding my blog lately. I always think this is interesting. Here are a few of the latest phrases people typed into Google and Yahoo that land people here:

  • Sinus cocktail (I'm apparently dominating on this phrase during this cold season!)
  • Fun chocolate recipes (Happy V-Day!)
  • Cute Angie (Hmm... there are a few of these...)
  • Harry Bears Fried Peaches (A hometown favorite)
  • Wangs Memphis Menu (You know, I don't think this is actually online...)
  • Harry's Detour Downtown (Isn't it interesting how many food things I'm ranked for? Ha!)
  • Rensselaer Medal Program (Hopefully, this is useful to someone...)
  • Parvez Michel Gallery (Go Parvez!)

Okay, that's enough for today. Have a good night and if you haven't checked out Ballet Memphis lately, you should... they just wrapped up a FABULOUS performance this weekend:

Trey Bien!: Join the ovation and shout bravo when the company performs two revivals and one world premiere by Trey McIntyre, who marks his fifth anniversary as resident choreographer of Ballet Memphis this seasons.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Help Get the Vote Out for Memphis!

Please let everyone know about the voting for "$40 A Day" in Memphis episode on Rachel Ray's Tasty Travels!

Click here to vote:

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