Thursday, May 31, 2007

Simply Google

Check out this Simply Google page. It compiles all of Google's funcationality into one easy page.

Thanks Towform for bringing this to my attention!

Very cool!

Angie's Favorite Phrase: "New Media"

My favorite phrase right now: "New Media."

Wikipedia definition: "New media is a broad term that usually refers to new technologies and communication methods in the context of their effects on the established mainstream media.
Originally this term was used by the pioneer Website developers to differentiate their techniques from the other methods of communication that shared the "media budget" within a company. This allowed the suggestion of new vs. old while at the same time establishing a claim on the budget available. Over time the term was used to refer to anything that was Internet-related."

Examples of New Media:
Video games and virtual worlds as they impact marketing and public relations.
Multimedia CD-ROMs
Web sites including brochurware
Corporate blogs and wikis
Email and attachments
Electronic kiosks
Interactive television
Mobile devices
Hypertext fiction

Apple iTunes Sells DRM Free Songs, Music

Starting yesterday, Apple began selling songs in its iTunes store without copyright protection.

Purchasing songs without DRM (digital rights management) protection software will mean that you will be able to play these songs anywhere, on different types of players.

Apple is starting first with songs from music company EMI Group. The music available includes songs from Frank Sinatra, Norah Jones, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Coldplay, and the Rolling Stones.

The DRM-free songs are higher quality than past songs Apple has offered for download. They also cost 30 cents more than the normal 99 cent iTunes songs.

I urge you to support Apple's trend-setting move and help to make this the new standard!

(To check it out, click the banner below.)

Apple iTunes

My Thoughts on the Future

I've been thinking about this for a while, so here it goes...

Do you remember the first time that you posted a photo of yourself online?

I can't remember just how old I was, but I'd guess I was probably about 14. The Internet was still brand new and AOL was charging by the minute.

Actually, after a little digging online, I found it. I believe that this is very possibly the first photo ever put on the Internet of me. It was over 10 years ago and I posted it myself.

Do you remember the first time you allowed your height to be published somewhere?

What about your last name?

The city where you live?

And your job title?

Your resume?

All of your friends names?

Photos of your family?

I can remember all of these moments in my life. They were all very deliberate choices; many of them directly tied to my age and stage of my life. I was careful not to reveal too much too quickly or at too young of an age.

I am completely aware that a potential employer, friend, or colleague can learn all about me at anytime. Heck, I do it myself when I want to learn about someone new.

This is a reasonable thing to think about, because once something is posted online, it doesn't go away.

What about nowadays though? Do we think before we post?

I've started to notice a trend...

More and more people are tracking their pregnancies online. There are photos of new moms' big bellies each month, growing larger by the frame.

Dads are posting photos of their newborns, still all red and just delivered at the hospital.

Parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are posting photos of a child's first steps, first haircut, first, first, first...

Some parents even write restaurant reviews about their experiences eating out online.

With online papers, you can track a child's grades and accomplishments who live in another city. (This comes in handy for me with my brothers that live in Oklahoma.)

What happens in another 10 to 20 years when an adult persons entire life has been traced online, from conception to present?

How will this further impact us when we apply to school, for a job, or even when we ask someone on a date? What about children who are making friends, applying to high school, or looking for a first job?


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Presidential Candidates Set an Example Online

Over the past few months, I have been more and more impressed with all of the presidential candidates. They are doing some fabulous online campaigning!

They all seem to be using the newest Internet techniques including search engine marketing, blogging, and online social networking!

Here are just a few examples:

You can vote on Hillary Clinton's campaign song:

You can read Barack Obama's blog:

You can befriend all the candidates on Myspace:

And you can watch them on YouTube:

Way to go!

Memphis Most: Commercial Appeal Voting

Quick Note: Voting is on for the "Memphis Most." The Commercial Appeal has set up a site where you can vote on everything from the best martini in Memphis to the best barber.

Check it out here:

While you're there, be sure to click here ( to vote for the best Memphis blogger. I put in my vote this morning for Paul's Memphis blog (

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Okay, I give!

Who at Rose State has been reading my site lately? E-mail me at:


Monday, May 21, 2007

Angie's Brothers Take State in Oklahoma Tennis

How fun-- my little brothers placed 1st and 2nd in Oklahoma for high school tennis this past week.

Congrats guys!


"Top individuals of the day: German exchange student Felix Brede of Durant beat Tulsa Kelley's Cale Hammond 6-4, 7-5 to win the No. 1 singles title. Kelley's Reider Hunt lost only one game in the tournament to handily win the No. 2 singles title. In No. 1 doubles, Ardmore's Timmy Argo and Luke Jordan beat Shawnee's Nick Copeland and Eric Haley. Chris Copeland and Jeff Seebeck won for Shawnee in No. 2 doubles to help the Wolves take second place in the team standings.

Quotable: "Our first match started off slow, but after that we did great. The finals was the best match we'd played all season. We jumped up 3-0 on them in the first set, and it just rolled on from there.” — Chris Copeland, Shawnee No. 2 doubles player, on teaming with Jeff Seebeck to beat Ada's Chase Sheffield and Colton Calaway.

Noteworthy: The only game Hunt lost came in the first set of his championship match against Deer Creek's Michael Calloway. ... In the semifinals, Copeland and Haley, beat Ada."

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Free Shipping at on Beauty and Fragrances

Okay, this post is as much for me as it is for you. You can take it or leave it. :~)

I order all of my makeup on, because I don't have to search through the store for each color of makeup. I don't have to remember what colors I want to replace either.

I can just open up my make up drawer, pull out the empty containers and bring them over to the computer with me. After a few minutes, I'm set with all different brands of products. They just show up in the mail a few days later.

Often times, Macy's even throws in a free gift! Today and through the end of this week, they've got free shipping on their beauty products and fragrances. As you can imagine, I'm going to get some!

To get free shipping from Macy's on your beauty products, click here: - 05.14 - 05.20

Google Analytics Has a New Version

...more to come...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Clean Commuting Gets Creative

Molly Lavik (my MBA-school professor) and Jeff Rozic have come up with an exciting idea and they need your help!

They've created a new web site,, where you'll find an animated story about the "Commuter Pod." The Commuted Pod is a creative concept by Mentorography. It's the environmentally friendly car of the future and I hear that they're looking to actually manufacture it here in the US!

The way that you can help them is to submit your ideas for the next Commuter Pod webisode video. So, go to and check it out!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Online Advertising: Good or Bad?

What do you think? Is online marketing and advertising becoming an invasion of your privacy?

A new commentary piece on Wired discusses the level of information that's being collected. The author, Jennifer Granick, cites examples that argue that although the "Internet" may not know your name or social security number, marketers have enough information to identify you.

"Chester found plenty to worry about. He pointed to ad companies' own marketing materials as evidence of the depth and breadth of the information collected. Websites today track clicks, browsing and user attention span, and amass information like wish lists, preferences and purchases. Advertising brokers create a detailed profile of site visitors and use it to serve ads targeted to appeal to an individual's particular tastes."

"...anonymous or pseudonymous profiles can be readily connected to real world identity. While advertisers may not collect PII, they do collect IP addresses, which can be traced to an individual most of the time. Also, Carnegie Mellon professor Latanya Sweeney has demonstrated that one can identify 87 percent of the U.S. population from ZIP code, birth date and gender alone. Privacy protections based on absence of PII isn't very robust."

So, does it bother you that somewhere, some computer and internet marketer know all about you? They know what you browse and what you buy. What you listen to, what you watch, and what you read.

As you probably already know from reading my blog, I'm fairly comfortable revealing my offline identity online. When I was younger, I protected myself more for safety reasons, but now I'm pretty well out there. More than just online marketers, my blog readers have a sense of what I'm reading and buying.

I think of online tracking a lot like those keychain things you have at the grocery store. Have you ever signed up for one of these things at an Albertson's? The checker scans your keychain when you're buying groceries. From the customer perspective, it allows you to get a discount on your food. From the store, that keychain provides invaluable information about their customers, including you. It helps them to know what you're buying, when, and where. They can more accurately keep their shelves stocked for the day that you're looking for west key lime juice from Nellie & Joe's.

I look at this as a convienence. I want the store to provide the food that I want to buy. And, online, I want advertisements to be targeted toward what I want. I want e-mails to be customized to ME! I look at data mining that's used in advertising to help me to get what I'm looking for in front of me that much faster.

I will say however, that I do think there is clear and definite value to be considered when it comes to protecting that sensitive data. Why? Because I don't invite strangers into my home to learn about me. And, I want to be able to trust the web to use my information in a way that will help, not hurt, me.

What do you think?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's Like Netflix, Only More Stylish: Bag, Borrow, or Steal

I recently discovered a new idea that you may find amusing. Think of the way Netflix works. You go online and find the movie that you want. A few days later, the movie arrives in your mailbox. After you watch the movie, you drop it back in the mail and a new movie arrives a few days later.

Anyway, there's a site you should check out called "Bag, Borrow, or Steal" if you have a fancy event coming up and you'd like to save a little money.

Bag Borrow and Steal allows their customers to borrow high end items like expensive handbags and jewelry, for a small rental fee. The item shows up in your mailbox, like Netflix, and you return it when you're done.

What an idea!

Anyway, check out some of the cool items that they have here--

Bag Borrow Or Steal, Inc.

Don't Forget Mother's Day


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Quick Thought on Memorization in the Age of Technology

I may be showing my age more than normal, but here goes nothing...

I was thinking today-- Remember when you were a kid and it was vitally important to your social life that you memorize each and every phone number of all of your friends and family? If you forgot one or two, you could be completely cut out of your middle school social circle.

You had to be able to act fast when returning calls from call waiting-- or when conferencing a 3rd friend into a call.

Nowadays, kids (and me too) barely know their home phone number, much less the phone numbers of their friends and family. They've got all the numbers safely stored away in their cell phones, on Facebook, and in their address books on Outlook.

The most important thing to look for when buying a new cell phone is whether or not the new phone can accept a memory card from the old one. Gawd forbid that we actually have to type in a phone number more than once, if ever.

I've found often times that if someone wants me to have their phone number, they'll call me and I will just save the number under their name. So, it's possible I may never type in a phone number!

What I do memorize however is WEB SITES. Since I consistently work on 3 different computers (not to mention friends or co-workers computers), I can't count on always having my bookmarks. Besides, those or the history in my web browser could easily become erased and leave me completely cut off from my existing social circle.

I mean, what would life be like if I couldn't read what restaurant Paul has tried lately? And how's Shelain doing these days with her photography business?
One way I help this situation is by putting links along the right hand side bar of my site. But with all the sites that I stay on top of, I just can't help but memorize them with the same passion that I was memorizing phone numbers with just 20 years ago!

...Just my thoughts...