Thursday, May 31, 2007

Angie's Favorite Phrase: "New Media"

My favorite phrase right now: "New Media."

Wikipedia definition: "New media is a broad term that usually refers to new technologies and communication methods in the context of their effects on the established mainstream media.
Originally this term was used by the pioneer Website developers to differentiate their techniques from the other methods of communication that shared the "media budget" within a company. This allowed the suggestion of new vs. old while at the same time establishing a claim on the budget available. Over time the term was used to refer to anything that was Internet-related."

Examples of New Media:
Video games and virtual worlds as they impact marketing and public relations.
Multimedia CD-ROMs
Web sites including brochurware
Corporate blogs and wikis
Email and attachments
Electronic kiosks
Interactive television
Mobile devices
Hypertext fiction

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Anonymous said...

I guess you have covered pretty much everything..

also in game advertising or in movie subtle advertising can be added