Friday, November 17, 2006

Birthday Escape: Day 1

(I'm going to try to give the run down on what I did while we were out of town, to give suggestions and feedback for other travelers. I'll add photos as they become available... and, if I've forgotten something, there's nothing an edit won't fix.)

Let's start at the beginning: Day 1 of my adventure. I had a typical day on Tuesday (Nov. 7) last week. I went to work, had lunch, worked. Everything was normal, with one exception.

Instead of going home after work, I headed to the airport. Oh, and-- I wore jeans to be comfortable on the plane. Pretty exciting for a Tuesday... :-)

I hopped onto a 6:45 PM flight from MEM to LAX. It arrived after 9 PM and I hauled my huge bags out to the curb. (It often seems that the first time you try something, an extra suitcase is required for moral support.)

BR picked me up at the curb outside of the baggage claim. It was great to see him.

On our way to Santa Monica, we stopped at one of my favorite spots in Santa Monica. It's a little diner called Swingers. You can check out their web site here:

They've recently come out with a new drink menu that features mixed drinks, so it's now a fun place to get Mohitos at some late hour. That and cheese fries, humus, veggie chilli, ahi tuna, or whatever other slightly off beat food you may desire. I went with the mohito and cheese fries while BR got a wonderful black and white milk shake.

After our snack, we headed back to the homestead in Santa Monica to dream of warm beaches and lush landscapes.

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