Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Have Raiford's News!!

Okay, listen up! I have news. :~)
Raiford's may be coming back-- or at least something in the Raiford's spot!
Why do I say this? Two reasons:

1. Someone has applied for a liquor license for the old Raiford's building. This is clearly an undeniable sign.

2. All of the building's outside lights are on-- including the Christmas lights that outline the Raiford's sign. This is definitely a change. I drove past Raiford's just a few days ago and noticed how dark it was with all of the windows boarded up and with the lights off.

The lights are back on! Yah!

Does anyone know if it will be Raiford's or something new? We definitely need another dance club Downtown. Raiford's has been sadly missed.

(Me & Jessica @ Raiford's -- 20's Themed Birthday Event)

Update: I saw Raiford's daughter at EP's tonight. With the nodd of her head, she told a friend that they'd be opening back up. On my way home, I got a photo of the posting outside. I'll share that soon!

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