Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Midwesterner's Guide to Living in L.A. by Katie Martin

Wow, it's amazing how talented my friends are! :~) I'm feeling very fortunate these days.

Another friend has completed another book. My long-time friend Katie Martin has written a book called The Midwesterner's Guide to Living in L.A.

To give you a little background on this, I grew up with Katie in Oklahoma. We became friends in middle school and have kept in touch over the years. Just by chance, we both happened to be living in L.A. at the same time a few years ago; both struggling.

Living in L.A. can be like living on another planet at times, and Katie's book does a great job at preparing you if you're thinking of taking the plunge. I had the good fortunate of reading The Midwesterner's Guide to Living in L.A. before it was published... that's what makes me so sure you're like it. :~)

One example I always think about when thinking of the differences between L.A. and other cities is finding an apartment. Finding an apartment in L.A. can at times be about as hard as finding a job in other cities. When I moved there, I wanted to live in either Santa Monica or Malibu.

The process turned into a job interview. I was asked to send my resume, credit history, photos of me with my little brothers. I had to fly down to meet the renter to see if they liked me and would choose me. The fact that I could pay the rent had very little impact to whether I would get an apartment. Luckily, after scouring the city, I found a great place where I lived for two years. But never the less, Katie's book would have prepared me. It was definitely a lesson I learned the hard way!

To get a copy of Katie's new book, check out the Tate Publishing website and search for The Midwesterner's Guide to Living in L.A. by Katie Martin.

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