Monday, March 31, 2014

The Danger in Comparing Yourself to Others

My latest newsletter is out-- The Danger in Comparing Yourself to Others.

Do you compare yourself to others? Your accomplishments versus theirs? Your resume compared to them? Your clothes, even? 

We all do it, and for some reason, we assume it’s helpful. I’d argue it is just the oppose for a few key reasons. 
  • First, you’re making a lot of assumptions about the other person, which may or may not be correct. You don’t see the entire picture – just the part they choose to present. 
  • You’re minimizing your own strengths, and assuming the other person is in some way superior to you. You have your own talents that you want to showcase. 
  • You don’t look outside the box for new ideas. If the best your competition did was to create a stellar resume, is that all you should do? Of course not. Just keeping pace with the competition is not enough. You’ve got to do your best; not their best.
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