Friday, June 13, 2014

Career Transitions for Scientists

My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Career Transitions for Scientists.” In it, I provide advice on how to transition your job between different industries.

I’ve recently received multiple letters from scientists in the research community with questions about their career transitions. Researchers struggle with a problem workers in all sectors face: how to change industries. Most get into research with a three- to five-year contract. But this is not before completing a lengthy Ph.D. program. By the time their contract ends, the researcher may be in their 30s or early 40s.

With no experience in corporate America, and with little support about where to begin, many of these brilliant scientists struggle to decide what’s next.

To read my entire article, and learn about how you can transition to a new industry, visit the Memphis Daily News site here.

Also, if you have a friend who is in this situation (nearing the end of their research contract), please forward a copy of my article to them. I was truly surprised to learn how many people are struggling with the issue of whether or not to leave research, and how to get into corporate.

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