Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hello again.

It seems like I'm averaging around 1 post every five days lately. Hopefully I'll pick up the pace at some point. My main hurdle right now is my poor internet connection at home. I've complained about the problem at least 5 or more times now, so maybe I'll finally start to have a decent connection.

This weekend was a good one. BoRyan visited and we had a nice time... Friday night, we had dinner at a great place downtown called Chez Phillipe.

Yesterday morning, we took a long walk around the South Main neighborhood that included the Memphis Farmer's Market, Gestures Gifts, MUSE, and Bluff City Coffee. It was great to see so many businesses doing well in downtown Memphis. At Bluff City, I had a white hot chocolate that was quite tasty and was made with Ghirardelli chocolate. Also, MUSE has added a small mens section. And... the Memphis Farmers Market will be closed for the season.

Last night, we attended Daniel and Victoria's wedding in Collierville. The wedding was very nice and it was good to see a few old friends from FedEx.

Today, we walked down to see where the fires burned the church and the other buildings in downtown. It's amazing to see how far the fire actually traveled. After a long walk, we stopped in to Texas de Brazil for their brunch. I've always avoided this place, because I thought it would be just another salad bar with meat. Luckily I was wrong. About their brunch menu anyway. :-) They had all sorts of meats, cheeses, salads, olives... waffles, cake... and a few other things. Oh, and free mimosas (which were remarkably OJ dominated). Anyway, good place... I recommend trying it at least once.

Yawn... I'm going to go... it's time for Desperate Housewives and relaxation.

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