Thursday, December 28, 2006

Almost better!!!

Today was another day with the lepers. It's amazing how people run the other way when your voice is horse.

Anyway, I'm just about bored out of my goard with all this... hopefully, I'll have something fun to write about soon.

I finally did go to the doctor today. It looks like what started as a cold may have developed into a sinus infection.

To remedy this, the doctor wrote me the typical prescriptions for an antibiotic and cough medicine. Then, she said, "would you like a 'sinus cocktail'"? Sinus cocktail? What's that?

Anyway, after talking to a few friends and family members around the country-- I've decided that this could possibly be a Memphis term. Okahoma didn't know it. California didn't. And not Washington DC. And that's a pretty good cross section I'd say.

But every person I talked to in Memphis knew it-- young, old, man, woman.

For those reading who may not know what a sinus cocktail is, it's a combination of 2 shots: one is a steroid of some kind and one reduces the amount of drainage you're producing... and I think there are some antibiotics mixed in. The idea is that it takes the antibiotic pills a few days to kick in and this helps in the meantime... Actually, I hear I'll be a new person tomorrow.

I'm counting on that!

The whole visit was definitely an interesting experience. First, they drew blood to be sure I had an infection-- 3 vials of it. Yeow! Then, they gave me the two shots. I can't really remember the last time I had a shot per se... so I was a little nervous. This poor lady who did it-- that's all she does all day is give people shots. What an experience with other people that is.

Anyway, I had to do this whole drop your pants, hold onto the table routine. I let her know that although I wouldn't move during the shots, it did really freak me out to have them. I think this formed some kind of rapport, as she gave me tips to reduce the pain and was chatty. This made the whole thing way more reasonable.

Afterward, I went to the Walgreen's next door to get my prescriptions and walk off the shots. That's one of the ways to reduce the pain-- walk.

While I was there, I had the good fortune to get a phone call from my friend Larry. I had a few extra tickets to an event this weekend and he's going to take his kids. Larry just so happens to live near the Walgreen's and drove up to get the tickets. I'm super happy he'll be able to use them and take his kids. :-)

In the end, I'm here to type about the experience... :-) I just have a few extra bandaides.... and for those of you who may have talked with me personally lately, this is nothing new. I'm really becoming quite tolerant of pain. For one reason or another, I've fallen down completely on the ground 3 times since moving back to Memphis a couple of months ago. I'm black and blue and covered with bandages constantly. Sexy!

So, the moral is-- life is looking up and I'm fighting to get better. Although I do enjoy time at home and relaxation... It's not my favorite when it's forced... and also, when it spans over a month. This all started at the end of November.

But again, I'll be better tomorrow I hope!

Cross your fingers for me. :-)


Bob said...

I've heard of the sinus cocktail, but never considered it. I had this stuff last year and it took a 16 day regimen of prednisone to clear it up. Unfortunately, I've got it again and have had it for a month. I'm going to ask my doc about it as soon as I can get in. I hear that the relief happens in a couple of days. I'm in Brighton. (close enough)

Anonymous said...

I also live nearby Memphis (Hernando) and received this shot this morning...seems to be helping already! I seem to receive this at least once a year.

Kat L. said...

I googled Sinus Cocktail and found your blog. lol. I got one today - it's my second one. And I'm in Memphis.

Anonymous said...

I also googled "sinus cocktail" and the first result was this blog. Guess where I'm from? Guess where I got my sinus cocktail from yesterday? Memphis. And btw, I do feel like a new person today...

Erin said...

I also got the sinus cocktail shot in Memphis yesterday for the first time and googled it today trying to figure out what is in it...b/c I too feel GREAT today!

Anonymous said...

I got this today with steroid/anti scrips for sinus/bronchitis blockage. Surprised to see its a "memphis thing" after finding this blog.

Anonymous said...

best thing ever for sinus infection! feel better before 24 hours is up!!!!