Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fun Night Playing Trivia at TJ Mulligan's

I know I've been a little checked out lately. Not too worry, tonight won't be much different.

This is just a quick post to say that after a screwed up day, the evening went quite well.

I met up with Serrabee for dinner at Blue Fin before heading down the street to play trivia. I've only every played trivia in Memphis once before and it was an accident. This time, I invited my friends who have never played before.

In the beginning, a few of our team members thought we should just drink... that we didn't understand it well enough to play. Clearly, our self esteem was low for about the first half. When we got to half time, the DJ began to read the team names in reverse order, starting with the most poorly ranked team. As he went up the list and our team name wasn't called (which by the way ended up somehow being "Angie's B*tches), the team began to think we had done so poorly that we weren't ranked at all. That was right up until it was declared that we were in FIRST place!


If there's one thing I have, it's smart friends!

At our little table, we had the following (that I know of, although I didn't get to quiz everyone... ha):
--> 3 engineers
--> 1 chemist
--> 1 psycologist
--> 4 computer programmers
--> 5 current or former Fed Ex employees

Needless to say, we had the math and sciences covered. Unfortunately, we were much more behind on pop culture. When they asked which popular song particular lyrics came from, we weren't sure. When they asked who invited the thermometer, we not only knew who invented it, but how and why... It had something to do with glass balls and liquid and density... but anyway.

Up through the second to last question of the game, we were in 1st place, ahead by around 12 points. The longer the game went on, the more serious and quiet the table became.

The last question was a hard one, especially since we weren't cheating. It was, rank the following 4 companies in order of value. McDonald's, IBM, Marlboro, and Coca Cola.

Unfortunately, we weren't so lucky on this question. We missed it and fell to 3rd place. Still, we won a certificate for $$$ off our tab. It was pretty good for a first try!



Philip said...

You forgot about the badass pop culture guru of the group. :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Angie!!!
Thanks for the fun entry and what a fun, BRAVE, evening activity. Now you set at least me up on this one by giving the #1 question and leaving out the CORRECT answer. Please share you a can try it out on my social circles at the soonest lull in conversation.
May the spirit of Christmas bless your life in many good ways this year. Let's turn a "yearly event" into a "everyday, in every moment experience." Love you - Lori Ann

Angela Copeland said...

Lori Ann,

It's so great to hear from you!

Happy Christmas to you!

The correct answer is:
1. IBM ($91,134 million in sales)
2. Coca Cola ($23,104 million in sales)
3. McDonald's ($20,460 million in sales)
4. Marlboro ($18,134 million in sales)