Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cowboy-Baby and the Magical Hat

This evening was interesting, in a good way. It definitely turned out differently than I had anticipated.

My entire to-do list was thrown out the window when my new horseback riding trainer called at lunch to say that I'd be riding this evening. I wasn't planning on it, but luckily I had my boots in my car, so I was able to go. All the way there, I fought through traffic and accidents and even considered canceling. Once I began riding however, everything changed. Riding is really the one hour per week when I don't think about anything else. It's a huge relief and I had a great time.

Afterward, I came home covered in dirt and with pigtails and boots, stopped by to say hello to my neighbors. Before I knew it, I was wearing my cowboy hat and the group had made our way down to E&H for dancing. Despite being dirty, messy, and smelling like a horse, I was most definitely near the center of things. I've just about decided: cowboy hats have magical powers. :~) More on that later...

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