Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You've Got to Check This Out - Kidney Donation

I caught up with a friend today who I haven't spoken to in quite a while. He was around 6 years ahead of me at RPI, and has been a good friend for years.

He has decided to donate a kidney and I want to introduce you to his blog where he's recording the process. On his blog, he describes himself this way:
My name is Anthony DeGiulio. I'm 35 and live in upstate New York with my wife,
Amy, and two weimaraners, Frankie and Sammy. One of my dreams is to save
someone's life. Since I don't think I will ever pull anyone from a burning
building or perform CPR on a stranger, I figured donating a kidney might be the
closest I would come. This is the story of my experience.

Pretty cool, huh?

He's all set to give away the kidney, other than the doctors are waiting to find a few additional patients. They allow folks in need to find others to donate even if they aren't a match. Then, there's a bit of a round robin approach. You can trade your donor in for another that matches you.

So anyway, check out his blog and read about his lifesaving adventure:

Congrats Anthony on taking on this endeavor!

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