Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clueless in the Kitchen with Bobby Flay

I received a request today to post the following information regarding a TV show that's casting terrible cooks in Memphis. Those selected will learn to cook with Bobby Flay. I sent an e-mail back asking for more information, but for now:


Single and can't cook a meal for one? Frustrated because you don't know how
to pack a nutritious lunchbox for your kids? Forgo paying for culinary school
and learn the basics in two weeks with Bobby Flay's "Real Food Cooking

Impress us with your wit and your lack of food knowledge… Bobby Flay is
ready to school you as only an Iron Chef can! You'll learn the basics of
grilling, sautéing, knife skills, how to make simple, nutritious meals from real
foods…and so much more!

If you're feisty and eager to step up your cooking skills: make us a
3-minute VHS tape or DVD telling us your worst cooking story, the most horrible
meal you ever cooked, and why you should be a part of Bobby Flay's "Real Food
Cooking School."

Worried? Don't be – you'll be having too much fun! Remember…have a family
member, best friend or spouse make an appearance on your tape – a little
testimonial, "Oh my god, she regularly burns the bottom of the sauce pan!" goes
a long way.

All applicants should live in the United States, be over the age of 18, and
be available April 15-30th for filming in New York City.

Please mail tapes by March 22nd to:
ATT: Real Food Cooking School
Leroy Street
New York, NY 10014

Questions? Email us at realfoodcookingschool@gmail.com

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