Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Recap - The Last Week in Review

The last week was another busy one. I flew around, trying to remember what timezone I was in and what the weather would be like from day to day.

My schedule:
Tuesday afternoon - Flew from Memphis to NYC
Wednesday - Spent the day in NYC for work
Thursday - Spent the day in NYC for work; met up with RPI friends Andy Andyland, Raul, and Adam Garrison for dinner
Friday - Flew from NYC to Memphis in the afternoon; went to the gym; went home to work and shower; went back to the airport; flew to Denver
Saturday - Snowboarding in Denver in the morning; visited Memphis Rob in the evening
Sunday - Flew back to Memphis
Monday - Survived Monday

That brings me to today-- It's Tuesday again (tax day in fact); the day I go horseback riding, and generally the day the weather is bad. Like clockwork, there was a freeze warning last night. Weather.com is reporting a high today of 63 degrees. Let's hope they're right.

On the topic of horseback riding-- A few weeks ago, I was checking the mail in my building after horseback riding. I was wearing riding gear and a neighbor stopped to say, "wow- cool outfit!" My response was along the lines of, "Thanks... I'm wearing this because I was riding horses."

But in NY last week, women everywhere were wearing riding boots as a fashion statement! It seemed that at least 1 in 4 women I saw were wearing them-- along with the tight looking riding pants. One woman was even wearing a spur to work. This is a style I haven't seen in LA... or in the middle of the country, so it was quite a suprise. I guess I'll be in style tonight during my horseback riding!

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