Monday, April 07, 2008

One REALLY Good Day!

Wow-- Turns out today is my day! This may very well sound silly, but...

Today when I got home, I checked my mail. There was an odd looking hand written envelope in my box. If it had been printed, I very well would have considered tossing it without opening. While waiting for my dry cleaning in the lobby of my building, I decided to check it out.

Inside, I was surprised to find-- THE TITLE TO MY CAR!

I've been unexpectedly paying on this car since 2003. Just before I quit my job to go to graduate school, some moron (not me) drove my last car into an oncoming deer and totalled it. It put me in a very uncomfortable situation. My old car was paid for, and I had to find a way to personally finance a new car knowing I'd intentionally be without a job for two years.

Anyhow, I found a great deal on my car and got a super interest rate - less than 4%! I've been paying and paying and paying since then... using automatic withdraws from my bank account. I purchased the car using, and originally I'd check all this out on my account with them. Unfortunately, the loan was sold a few times and checking everything out on a regular basis became more challenging.

So, I've just been paying and paying since 2003. And, apparently, I'm done!

Congrats to me. :~) What a good day!

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