Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Job Postings

Alright, a quick note: Fairly often, friends send me emails asking one of two questions:
  1. Do you know where I can find a job?
  2. Do you know where I can find an employee?
Both of these questions often leave me scratching my head. Who would be interested in this job? Who would be the best fit? Who's looking?

To connect the dots between these two questions, I'm going to start posting job openings that I've been asked to provide recommendations for. Since my blog is fed into Facebook, most of my friends will have the opportunity to see the postings.

I will not put in any identifying information about the company or how to contact them. If you are interested to apply for a particular posting, please e-mail me at JobPostings (at) AngieDawn (dot) net and I will forward your information along if 1. I know you, and 2. you're a good fit.

It's a little odd, but I think it just might work. I've added a link to the right hand side of my blog named "Job Listings." To see all the listings together, click that link.

Happy Hunting!!

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