Saturday, July 27, 2013

Memphis To Moore Online Auction

If you haven't had a chance yet, please take a look at the Memphis To Moore online auction.  There are just a few days left and still a number of great items.

Here's one you should check out, a chocolate package - its a bit like chocolate of the month.  It includes one 6-piece designer chocolate gift box per month for 9 months.  The chocolates are made by Chef Rix.

Chef Phillip Ashley Rix is an award-winning chocolatier, was named one of America's Best Confectioners and Chocolatiers in 2013 by TasteTV for his dynamic ingredient combinations and unique designer chocolates.  A native Memphian, he began his journey in 2007, self-training in the difficult art of chocolate.  In 2012, he elected to exit a more than 10 year career in the creative marketing field with FedEx, UPS and Apple.  Inspired by the history, chemistry, artistry, and possibility of fine chocolate making, Chef Rix works countless hours developing the new and exciting flavors distinctive of his brand.  He incorporates fascinating ingredients like BBQ Sauce, Sweet Potato, Spanish Saffron, and Gorgonzola Dolce bleu cheese, just to name a few, with the finest Swiss chocolate to create a rare, sensory-provoking experience with every piece.

Here are a few photos.  To check out the item on the Memphis To Moore auction, click here. 100% of the money raised from the auction will go directly to the Moore Public Schools tornado relief fund.


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