Monday, July 01, 2013

Veterans Memorial Park needs your help

As you know, Veterans Memorial Park in Moore, Oklahoma was destroyed during the recent tornado in May.  This park is located next to my junior high school and across the street from my parents neighborhood.

The good news is that Coke (the soft drink company) is having a contest to revamp a community park.  The winning park will be given $100,000 for park improvements.  In this case, it would be used to completely rebuild the Veterans Memorial Park.

Unfortunately, Moore is currently in 2nd place behind another park.  I have logged on and voted.  I believe as of this morning, the park in Moore was behind by about 5K votes.

It's easy to login and vote.  I hope you will take just a few minutes (maybe 3) and vote for this park in Moore.

Here's the website that you visit:

This is what you do after you open the website:
1. Click the "Click" icon. 
2. Enter "Moore" and "OK" in the city and state fields. And, type in "Veterans Memorial Park" into the park name field. Entering in all 3 things will save you time because it will make it easier to find.

3. Scroll down and click the "Vote Now" link.
 4. You then click login and login with Facebook.  Then you click "Vote for this Park."

That's it!  It just takes a minute.  The park has come so far, and the money would go a long way. Please take the time to vote.  Thanks!

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