Monday, August 14, 2006

Customer Service Praise

Okay, with all of the bad customer service experiences I've written about-- it's time that I give a positive experience.

I have been using my bank since 2001 and I LOVE them. It just doesn't get much better when it comes to customer service.

I remember being able to just stop in and sit at my account rep's desk anytime I had any question. She would give me free checks and anytime I have had a problem, they were right there to fix it, no questions asked. For example, the few times I have had fees on my account, I've asked about them and they were removed immediately-- even if it was my fault.

Most recently, I have a new account rep who just goes above and beyond what is necessary at all. This is why--

Before entering grad school, I had one of those accounts with lots of bells and whistles. This was in big part because of all the money I was saving so that I could quit my job and go to grad school.

Since entering grad school in Malibu, as you can imagine, my account balance has slowly dropped. I started to notice fees on my account from the bank for having my fancy smancy account, so of course I called to see what was up. After explaining my situation, my rep agreed to remove the fees for a few months. Now, keep in mind, I could have switched to a student account or some other free account, but I really wanted to keep my current account-- for free. :-)

On top of helping me out with this, my account representative personally sends me the recepits for any transactions that I make with the bank. And, anytime I have questions, I have his email address and he will e-mail me back right away with an answer.

That's all I'll say. They're just great and they help me each and every time I have a question! Here's a small note that I exchanged with the rep today to show just how nice they are:

From me:
I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I really appreciate all of your help with my account!
...(portion removed for my privacy!)...
I will have to stop in to say hello in person.
Thanks again!

Response from my rep:
You’re welcome!
I’d love to meet you in person. Stop in when you get a chance!!
Have a great week!

As you can see, this company knows about customer service. If you know me and you'd like a recommendation to a great bank or account rep, let me know.


Philip said...

I recommend telling them and/or their boss. As someone who is in the customer service industry, I know that you don't often get a pat on the back. You usually get dealt a ton of shit to deal with and only every once in a while does a customer thank you.

Angela Copeland said...

Good thinking. Any suggestions on how to get in touch with their manager when I'm in another state? I'd prefer to just write a letter... but then who do I address it to? "Boss of XXX" ha. :)

Jake of All Trades said...

What's the name of the bank?

Interesting observation: On the bad experience posts the company is always named in the first paragraph if not the title, but in this "good" post the praised bank goes nameless. Sort of proves the studies that say when people have a good experience they keep it to themselves, but when they have a bad experience they tell everyone they know. Thus negative word of mouth is much stronger than positive word of mouth.

Angela Copeland said...

The reason that I didn't post the name of the bank here is only because I don't want random people to know where I'm banking at. Normally, I would share more details, but since my identity online is relatively transparent, I don't want to give away too much.

But I agree, negatives often outweight positives

Philip said...

Best way to get a manager is to call that branch and ask to speak to a manager.

Also, glad you went to see what your Russian name is. Did you think it was funny?