Friday, August 11, 2006

Going once, going twice...

(Updated Aug. 12, 2006)

Alright, so not too much new going on here in Santa Monica to report. I did get a haircut today and had lunch at a fun Indian resteraunt called Pradeeps. Right now, I'm sipping excellent Rideau wine and hoping to get out soon. I hear that making smoores is in the agenda tonight, so I'll have to let you know how that goes.

In other news, there are a few online auctions going on now of note.

First, Paris Hilton: She hired a moving company to move and store some of her belongings. Unfortunately, the movers forgot to pay the storage people. Anyway, according to her contract, the stuff can be auctioned off if the bill isn't paid. All the items were sold at a blind auction and now, whoever bought her stuff is now selling it all on eBay using a 3rd party lister. Paris is threatening eBay if they don't take her stuff down, but for now, it's selling. Check it out:

Second, Ted Kaczynski's stuff is also going to be auctioned off soon, per a California court order issued yesterday. Remember him, that crazy unibomber guy? Anyway, the judge is ordering that all of his personal belongings (minus some potentially dangerous writings) be sold on an online auction site. The money is to be given to the victims of his crimes, to help pay off a $15 M debt he has to them. For more details including a list of what will be sold in the next two months, click here:

Lastly, I almost forgot-- Tori Spelling is auctioning off her own clothes. Since she isn't receiving that much of her dad's estate and because she's apparently about to have a baby, she's decided to do a little house keeping. Check out her auction here:

That's it... until next time!

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