Monday, August 14, 2006

Roots Rock Reggae Festival

It's lunch time and I'm finally starting to get motivated about my day. I worked for most of the weekend, so I'm having one of those slightly less than productive Mondays.

Anyway, as a reward for my hard work this weekend, I went to a fun concert at the Hollywood Bowl. It's called the Bob Marley Roots Rock Reggae Festival 2006.

The performers included Ziggy Marley (son), Stephen Marley (son), Bunny Wailer (old bandmate), and Ozomatli.

I really enjoyed the show. The most interesting thing besides the music was that almost everyone in the audience had some sort of big spread of food there with them. When I say that, I mean that they brought a bottle of wine and real glass wine glasses, real plates, real silverware, etc. And, the food they had was funny too... it was clear that most everyone came from the same marketing demographic. Instead of just normal potato chips, people had the special kettle cooked variety. Instead of a cookie, one couple had a full on tiny chocolate cake that had multiple layers, icing, etc. I think that just about everyone in the audience had stopped by Whole Foods on the way there to stock up.

Another interesting phenomenon is this thing called "stacked parking." There is so little parking in Hollywood and so many people, that unless you want to pay $40 for valet parking, you opt for stacked parking. Stacked parking costs $15 and essentially, you drive your car into an empty lot of grass. Someone is there to direct you of how to park and they will not allow you to park more than around a foot away from the car next to you. Your car also pretty much has to touch the bumper of the car in front of you and someone is going to park just as close behind you. As you can see, the idea is to fit as many cars together like a puzzle as you can onto one piece of land. Normally, getting out would be a nightmare. Who knows where the people who own the sea of cars around you were sitting in the Hollywood Bowl! Lucky for me, we were only parked in by one layer and I must have had a lucky moment because the only person who decided to leave early was parked on the outside layer in front of us. So, we drove out immediately following the show!!

Before heading home, we drove through In-N-Out for a hamburger and fries. I just LOVE In-N-Out and I had a single with cheese, animal style. :-)

The Roots Rock Reggae Festival will be touring around through the end of August to other cities. For more information, here's their press release and their web site.

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Jake of All Trades said...

The "BYO" food and beverage policy at the Hollywood Bowl is amazing! Very refreshing in today's world to see a venue that isn't so money hungry to force you to purchase their mediocre overpriced fare.