Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Still sick, healthcare, and more...

The verdict is officially in..................................I'm STILL SICK!

If you have been within earshot (or blog's reach) of me in the last month, you probably already knew this. I have been fighting it like crazy and I've almost won, but we're doing one more round in the ring, just for fun.

Today, as part of the "fun" associated with my doctor visit / physical, I had the following: a chest x-ray, an EKG, a urine sample, and a blood sample. Oh yeah, and I couldn't eat beforehand. If you know me, you know that I don't do the day without breakfast. I just don't!

The good news:
* I do NOT have psnemonia
* I do NOT have mono (My little brother was diagnosed last week with the stuff, so I had to be sure... despite not even giving him a kiss on his 16 year old cheek.)

The bad news:
* I still have my sinus infection :-(
* My ribs, back, and shoulders are beginning to be in a considerable amount of pain from all the coughing I've done over the past month.
* My weight today was higher than ever before in my life (I'm hoping maybe I was wearing really heavy clothes... :-) )

The doctor gave me much stronger drugs this time. They must be, because they cost way more too!

So much more in fact that this afternoon, my phone rang. It was Visa's fraud detection department. They wanted to let me know that someone had made an unusually large purchase at Walgreens today in this place I don't typically make purchaes in a place called "German...(pause)".

Hahahahaha!! Finally, a beaken of light and happiness in my day!

Lets be clear though, Germantown has some kick ass shopping to be had. Love me some Saddle Creek!

Maybe this entire experience was really to teach me something about myself....

I need to get out and go shopping!
(P.S. I am NOT contagious. I've been on medicine for weeks now. If you see me, be kind and please know that I won't get you sick too.)

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kat said...

There must be some super-strain of sinus infection going around because I had a really naggy one from November - NYE. I feel your pain (literally!).

On a side note, I'll be schleppin; with Downtown Paul on Friday night if you feel like schleppin', too!