Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What's Up With Me -- A Quick Summary: Sick, Affiliate Summit, Las Vegas, & More!

As I've been noticing that my readership is growing, my guilt for not posting for over a week has started to mount at a proportionate rate.

This is the short of it: First of all, I've been sick... really sick. And, I was tired of ranting about it, so I just stopped writing.

Here's one last set of details--

I'm in week 5 of being sick (not including my short stint in November) and I'm about as sick of talking about it as actually feeling bad. I've been to the doctor 4 times, had my blood drawn 4 times, had 3 antibiotics, 3 cough medicines, 2 shots, 2 X-Rays, 1 sleeping medicine, 1 mucas thinner, 1 inhaler, 1 pain killer... and around 5 or 6 bags of cough drops.

Needless to say, I can't remember having been sick for such a long period. It's been a real challenge. I've lost my voice on more than one occasion, and I've been coughing non-stop.

I basically have a super sinus infection and broncitious. Oh yeah, and my ribs are inflamed now from all the coughing... so now I have pain to deal with for a while. I think that my body is essentially re-adjusting to being back in Memphis. It's much more humid here than Los Angeles.

I'm beginning to feel better. But as you can imagine, I'm just TIRED of it all. So between you and me, I'm done being sick. ;-) I'm going to do my best not to talk about it anymore here.

With that... NEW TOPIC--

I just flew back tonight from Las Vegas. I was at the Affiliate Summit on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

The Affiliate Summit was a great chance to meet other people who are on the cutting edge of internet marketing-- and to absorb new creative internet marketing ideas.

I flew out to Las Vegas on Friday night and met up with BoRyan. We stayed at Neil's place, which was noteably well decorated! Thanks Neil!

BoRyan was also sick on Friday when we met up, so we became Neil's excuse to stay in. At one point, he told someone we were "sick as dogs." :-) At least someone got some mileage out of it. Hehe.

I should probably share more with you about the Affiliate Summit, but I'm going to wrap it up for now and work on Net Impact. In case you haven't heard, I'm launching a professional Net Impact chapter in Memphis! We are the FIRST professional chapter in the entire state of Tennessee!

Our Memphis Net Impact kickoff event is going to be held on Thursday, February 8th at Elvis Presley's Delta Kitchen. If you've been meaning to try EP's, this is your chance! We'll have drink specials, networking, and a wonderful new professional organization to introduce you to!

I hope to see you again soon. I'll do my best to get back into the swing of things here.

:-) Angie

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