Friday, February 24, 2006


I'm so excited about tomorrow - I'm going to visit The Second City on Melrose here in LA!

The Second City is a place that I have enjoyed since 1998, when I lived in Detroit for the summer. There was a great cast there, doing a show called "Impeachment and Cream" - about Bill Clinton's scandal and the crazy driving situation in Detroit. It was always an escape from reality to go, have dinner, and watch a show. The shows are similiar to Saturday Night Live and actually, quite a few of the SNL cast members started at TSC.

So, imagine my delight when last year I attended Second City in LA and the cast from Detroit had relocated here - all of them! And, since then, the cast members have started turning up on TV. One is now on an MTV improv show and the other has joined the cast of MadTV. So, before they break up or kiss TSC goodbye, I'm going to see them at least one last time tomorrow night.


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