Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wine tasting.

Today was a nice break for a long week. I slept in until almost 10, took a quick shower, and was off. I spent the morning driving north on the PCH to Santa Barbara to visit Emily and friends ( PCH is a.k.a. Highway 1 - it runs along the ocean).

We had a great lunch at an old place that's been there for 125 years. They had all sorts of Texas-like food... I had some lovely chili that I turned into chili fries thanks to Bo. :)

Afterward, we headed to a vineyard where we did two wine tasting. I really enjoyed this part; we were able to try around 8 wines. It was wonderful - and, I ended up with 10 new wine glasses - yah!

Last, around 10 of us went to a new documentary at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. The movie was about surfing and I really enjoyed it... but the best part was actually the theatre itself. It's not just a movie theatre - it's also used for full on live products. And, the ceiling looks like a night sky... AND, the inner walls look like they are the sides of old buildings. It's a fun experience for sure!

Well, it's past midnight now; I made it back safely and I think it's about time for bed.

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