Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Today, lunch was a little different than usual. I had made an appointment at a new art gallery in Beverly Hills. The artist is a recent graduate of the Pepperdine MBA program too... he makes amazing limited edition art work using state of the art technology.

Parvez uses photographs, his computer, and other objects to create images that are then printed using paint onto different types of materials - from traditional canvas to glass to even a working laptop computer.

The thing that's so great is that his target market is young professionals who love art and would like something more than just a poster, but can't quite afford a $10,000 piece just yet. His paintings are very reasonably priced and he models their style after the latest designs at Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrell, so they will match your existing decor.

We picked up a small version of this fun piece called "Ku de ta" for just about $180. Isn't it great?? I definitely recommend Parvez Michel! :-)

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