Friday, March 24, 2006

A brief sigh of relief

Whew - after a straining week, I think that I may actually be able to take an emotional breather today.

I've been working like crazy on my latest dating site and have been running up against hurdles. Mainly this is due to my inexperience and finally I'm feeling that little bit of freedom that comes with learning.

I have successfully uploaded over 2,500 keywords for my dating site's campaign and very soon, I plan to switch on my advertisements.

Whew - what a relief! :-)

I'm starting to see that the toughest thing about working for yourself is that you have to be your own main source of encouragement, socializing, networking, etc. I think that the mental barriers may be more tough than anything else.

On a side note, my college reunion is coming up soon - can you believe it? I hope that I'm able to go and visit RPI. Here are a couple of the interesting classes that I took while I was there:
Advanced Manufacturing Lab (AML) - You work with a big team to design and manufacture products for paid sponsors. My team built 600 kaleidoscopes for our sponsors, Pratt & Whitney, BASF plastics, and Energizer. Before buiding the kaleidoscopes, we learned how to use all sorts of equipment, including: a CNC mill, a water jet machine, a coordinate measuring machine, an injection molding maching, a blow molding machine, a vacuum former, a thermal press, robots, a conveyor system, rapid prototyping, and all other sorts of dangerous industrial tools. Ha!
Laboratory Introduction to Embedded Control (LITEC) - You build a car that drives along a white strip of tape on the ground, by itself.
Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) - You work with a team to invent some new thing. My team made a home auto pollution tester.
Good ol' RPI. :-)

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