Sunday, March 19, 2006

One very good day!

Yestreday shaped up quite nicely and really completed my week.

The first half of the day was spent preparing for a presentation that I gave at Pepperdine on the Non-Profit Entrepreneurship course that they have. Although I have felt more prepared for presentations before, I think it went pretty well. I spoke loud enough, stood up straight, and didn't forget anything. And, after it was over, I received about 5 questions and two of my professors complimented me.

Then, I drove home to complete the car sale. See, 24 hours after I got the AutoTrader situation ironed out, I started getting calls for the car. The very first call came on Friday afternoon and by Friday night, I was hosting a test drive. Not only did I show the car though, I negotiated a price on the spot and sold it! The buyer left a deposit and came back yesterday to sign all of the paperwork, pay, etc. The whole thing was a really great experience - I enjoyed doing the research, listing the car, and especially, the negotiation!

Something that made the car sale even more special for me and for the buyer was that the buyer happened to be an international person. When he was taking the test drive, I asked him about his visa / greencard process and could appreciate how difficult the whole thing can be (becuase of my international friends). He was such a nice guy that whenever I spoke to him, I would say, "thank you very much for calling!" or something to that affect. I could tell that it had a positive affect on him, because he would echo back, "thank you very much for taking my call!" :-) Anyhow, after the sale, he stopped before he left to say, "I just wanted to tell you how much it means to me that you were so respectful to me. Normally, when someone meets me, they start to treat me differently because they see that I'm from another part of the world." I of course explained my wonderful friends. :-)

Then, we started talking and he asked me about Pepperdine's MBA program. It turns out that he's an electrical engineer who's finding himself at a point in his career where in order to move up, he needs a business degree. This was the point I was at before getting my MBA, so I could relate. I gave him the low down on the program, from the cost to getting in -- to classes and locations. I even told him about the non-profit class that I had spoken about earlier in the day. He seemed really happy to receive the insight and we may be in touch in the future about Pepperdine.

Overall, it was a great day! It was so nice to help everyone out and to complete the auto sale. This morning, I was able to mark the car "SOLD" in AutoTrader! :-)

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