Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Laundry is DONE!

Whew! In preparation for my upcoming journey, I've been doing all sorts of things in high gear...
...away message here and there

It's finally coming together! My laundry is officially done. Now, I'd like to make my way over to Gap to purchase a track suit / lounge suit for my long flight. They don't come in a tall size, so hopefully they'll fit me.

Here's a photo of the pants--

As you see, they look comfortable, and ready to sleep for a 10 hour flight. Too bad there's no internet access in the plane. I could be writing all kinds of product reviews!

Anyhow... the weekend has been fun. Hopefully, the next couple of days will be relatively pain free... and then of course, the fun begins.

Check here for photos of the trip. I'm hoping to add them to the site as we go. I may even consider creating a photo album on my site. Has anyone used a good photo album generator lately? It's been a while since I've used anything besides Shutterfly.

Oh... and before I go, I've got be sure to update my iPod on iTunes... it's plugged in and charging right now.

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Paul Ryburn said...

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