Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Well, Wednesday has turned out to be rather eventful for reasons that I may reveal later. You should know though that everything is going pretty well overall. :-)

This weekend's plans are already firming up quite nicely:
Thursday: Emily's Birthday Party
Friday: Irish Food for Cinco de Mayo
Saturday: Personal Training with Katie

Oh, also, I did want to make a note. Although Katie doesn't train at all gyms in LA, I did find out that she does home training. She told me that the only requirement for home training is that you wear appropriate clothes for working out. She does also train at multiple gyms around town, although I just don't know which ones they are. If you're interested, contact Katie at contractwithinspiration(a)

Did I mention that I'm going to Italy? :) Can you tell I'm excited? So, great news-- Jessica has volunteered to take care of my plant while I'm gone! I'm so happy! (Thanks Jacob!)

In other news, the shoe blogging is going well. I'm having the most fun with and I know that the whole thing may seem a little odd, but her shoes really are cute.

On a food note, I tried the peanut Thai salad from Thai Dishes today and it was very tasty. It even came with a boiled egg for protein. The peanut dressing however was definitely the highlight of the experience.

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