Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What Angie's Been Watching

Since the season finales of Alias, 24, and Desperate Housewives that all happened last week, I've started having to search for new shows to watch. Here are a few:

The Today Show: This morning was Katie Couric's last day on the Today Show. Sad right? But really, she's heading over to make history as the first female nightly anchor. Although I don't have a specific opinion of Katie herself, I'm happy that she is continuing to pave the way for women. Here's an MSNC article detailing the whole thing.

Dr. Phil: The stories on Dr. Phil just keep getting bigger and bigger. Yesterday, they had a little girl on the show whose mother is embarrassed to be seen with her. What's the deal??

Last Comic Standing: Last Comic Standing has started a brand new season. Normally, I don't watch this show, but this time, I just might. Why you may ask? Well, because one of the comics I saw and LOVED recently at the Hollywood Improv has made it into the finals! I was planning to share his name with you here, but NBC has a seriously lacking web site set up for their show. Here's a link to the post from the night that I went, but it doesn't seem to have this particular comic included.

My Life on the D List: Alright, so Kathy Griffin also has some new shows. Here's her web site on Bravo:

That's it for me... I'm back to work!

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