Monday, May 22, 2006

Role Call

So that my vacation posts make some sense, here's a photo of the group--

On the left is BoRyan, me, and Emily. On the right is Todd and Dave.

BoRyan and I met up with Emily, Todd, and Dave for most of our visit to Italy. During the trip to Spain, we went solo.

Emily drove from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to catch a flight to Salt Lake City. From there, she met up with Dave and Todd and they flew to Italy. BoRyan and I flew "straight" to Italy from LAX, which included a layover in Paris.

If you notice a resemblence in the photo, Emily is BoRyan's sister and Todd is BoRyan and Emily's dad.

This photo was taken right after BoRyan and I landed in Italy. We met up with the group and went straight to dinner... thank goodness, because I was on the edge of starvation by then. :-)

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