Friday, November 23, 2007

Angie's Favorite Spa Recommendations

Today, I did what I do just about every time I visit Oklahoma-- I wondered where I could find a good spa. I luckily thought to call my little brother, who in turn asked one of his friends. Considering that my brother is in high school, he was not too happy about my request this morning (especially since he was still in bed at noon when I called).

Thank goodness though because her recommendation was amazing! I had a wonderful day at the spa. It was especially impressive considering I called very last minute and it's a holiday for many people. I had two treatments, including a great massage. Afterward, they offered wine! Now, that's my kind of place. :~)

With all this said, here are a few of my favorite spa recommendations:

Cottonwood Spa, Edmond, OK - This is the great spa that I went to today. The spa is clean and modern. The staff is professional and does a great job. They also have a gift shop and hair salon. It's an all around good experience that I recommend if you're in Oklahoma City.

Gould's Spa at the Peabody, Memphis, TN - This is the spa where I'm a regular. I go here for everything from a manicure and pedicure to a facial to a massage. It's a nice and convenient facility if you live in or are visiting Downtown Memphis. It's located in the bottom of the Peabody Hotel, which is one of my favorite locations in Memphis. I enjoy visiting the spa on my day off and then after, walking up to sit in the lobby and people watch. In the Peabody, everyone's always happy. ;-)

Le Petit Retreat, Los Angeles, CA - Probably the best massage I've ever had was received at Let Petit Retreat in Los Angeles. It's a small facility with service that is unparalleled by any typical spa. When you arrive for a massage, they seat you on a comfortable couch in a room with soft drinks and snacks and put a warm pad on your shoulders. Before you even make it to the massage, you're relaxed. Then, the masseuse takes you into a wonderful tent / cabana that sits outdoors for the treatment. It's very unique and completely worth trying. I recommend the hot stone massage here.

Burke Williams, Santa Monica, CA - Burke Williams is a wonderful spa that offers consistent and available service. With a huge facility, many different treatment options, and plenty of staff, you could spend days at Burke Williams. Their locker rooms and relaxation areas are unparalleled. They almost always have openings. This is a great option if you're booking something for a group, last minute, or if you want to have a large selection of treatment options. When you call for an appointment, be sure to notice how streamlined their process is. They have one number for all of their locations and the person taking your order is completely on top of things.

Hotel Botanico and The Oriental Spa Garden, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain - Hands down, if you ever want to make a vacation out of a spa, go here! The entire hotel is built around the spa experience with around 5 different types of saunas, multiple pools, treatment areas, and more. They have all sorts of equipment and machines that I've never seen in the US. It's just an overall wonderful, relaxing experience. My only caution is that you may not speak the same language as anyone there... not that this is normally an issue, but it did create a few interesting stories from my trip.

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