Thursday, November 22, 2007

Recommendation Needed: Memphis Horseback Riding Trainer

I need your help: I'm currently in the process of finding a new barn to ride horses at. Unfortunately, because Memphis is much less country than Nashville, there aren't many places to do this. There are places like Shelby Farms that give trail rides, but that's not quite what I'm looking for.

What I am looking for is this: A barn and a coach that offer English riding lessons, including jumping (i.e. hunt seat). I'd like a place that has healthy horses that can be used for the lessons.

They also need to be sure to have an indoor arena for cold or windy days. I'm hoping to find something tucked away in Germantown or Collierville. Surely there's something, right?

So far, I've looked on the American Quarter Horse Association site, and other sites geared toward either tack or English style riding. Great sites, unfortunately no mention of a coach in Memphis.

As you may have noticed, this isn't my first rodeo. :~) I rode horses growing up in Oklahoma and then continued through college. It's been around 5 years now since I stopped and the time has come to get back into it!

So, I need your help! It must be out there. There are most certainly Memphians jumping their horses! If you hear of something, please contact me at

Thank you!!

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