Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Easter has finally shown up in a somewhat normal light today. In the past, I have often felt like someone's playing a joke on me Easter morning. It's like April Fools + 15.

For example, one year when I tried to go to Easter, the directions that I had to the church were wrong. I ended up driving around rural NY until it was time for church to be over at which point I finally found the church. Two years ago, I arrived to church just slightly not feeling so great from the night before and low and behold there were no seats left in the church... so I was forced to stand during the entire ceremony. It was painful.

Anyway, rather than throw myself back into some sort of self torture routine, I had Easter my way this year. Last night, I baked 24 Easter cupcakes: 7 yellow with coconut, 7 purple, and 8 pink with sprinkles (one 1 I ate before frosting if you're a math person...). I topped them off with super cute sugary egg and bunny decorations.

Then, today I went for brunch at Ocean Avenue Seafood in Santa Monica. There I had Eggs Benedict, shrimp, pain au chocolat, and most importantly - 2 mimosas!

I must say that Easter worked out much better this year - Happy Easter! :)

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