Sunday, April 30, 2006

Power-ful nap and the OTHER Angie Dawn...

Alright, so it's getting late and I'm just now starting my posts.

You may be wondering why. Well, the past few days I've just been so tired that it's been a little crazy... Today was no exception. I went shopping and ran errands today more than I have in probably 6 months. LA is so hard to get around that I rarely buy much outside of groceries.

Today I went to Costco, Target, Best Buy, Cold Stone, Weinersnitzel, and the Japanese grocery store. It was a lot. When I got home, I was so sleepy that I started my nap on the coach around 6 PM... at some point, I moved my sleepfest into the bed and stayed there until 7:45ish. This is definitely an interesting occurance as those who know me well know, I do not take naps during the day. :-) It's pretty much a rule for me.

I think though that thing that made it possible today was the eye mask I've been using. It's something that I'm teaching myself to wear before our upcoming trip - to shut out the light on the plane. Usually I take it off in my sleep and toss it, but lately, I've been keeping it on a little more... hopefully, by the time I'm on the airplane, I will have mastered the art of keeping the thing on while sleeping. :-)

Also-- an interesting thing popped into my e-mail box today. I have a Google Alert set up for articles that appear with my name in them. Today, an article appeared about about the other Angie Dawn... there are actually quite a few of us out there, but this story was particularly intreging.

The thing is... around 6 months ago I was picking up a prescription at Walgreens and was given one more prescription that I was expecting. At the time, I didn't think much of it, but I did ask the pharmacist to please not fill partial prescriptions for me anymore. (The prescription was the second half of the prescription). When I got home, I discovered it actually wasn't mine. There is another Angie who lives a few blocks from me in Santa Monica...

...And this story that appeared today in the LA Times is about her - the other Santa Monica Angie.

:) Angie

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