Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday afternoon.

It's Saturday at almost 1 PM. I just got home from my workout with my new trainer Arclight in LA. This is a special sort of movie theatre where you have assigned seats ahead of time and greeters to show you to your seats and make sure all the guests are quiet during the show. It's a pretty cool deal.

Anyway, back to the movie... so Hard Candy is essentially about a girl whose best friend was killed by an internet pedifile stalker. She tracks the man down & at first it seems that he seduces her as well. In reality though, she has other plans in mind and attempts to castrate him, among other things. It was incredibly suspensful and eerie. Most of the movie occurs in the man's home and almost all of the action the audience sees takes place between the man and the girl.

Overall, I liked it and although it is very entertaining, I think it brings up an extremely important issue that is facing everyone today. That is the problem of internet predators. Although I started using the internet near its birth, I was in high school then and this was even a problem that I faced on some level from time to time. I can't even imagine what it must be like today. It was interesting to see a child turn the tables on her stalker. If you're looking for a suspensful movie, I'd give it a try. But, watch closely because everything isn't exactly as it seems.

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