Friday, March 22, 2013

Goodbye Dublin

My last day in Dublin was nothing short of eventful. It included a few pubs, fish and chips, and sushi. But, I wanted to do something a little different. At first I thought of going to salsa again... But I ended up at another place, the Laughter Lounge.

The Laughter Lounge is one of Dublin's best comedy venues. It reminds me a lot of the standup places in LA. There was a famous comic from the UK performing and then about 5 other local comics.

I sat on the side, somewhat visible to stage, but not right up front. Most everyone at the event was local (something I find very interesting to experience). When the tables started to fill up, two nice guys asked if they could sit at my extra chairs.

When the show started, it immediately became clear that there's a lot of audience "participation" in the show. The emcee would tease various audience members relentlessly (but in a funny light hearted way). At one point, he asked if there were any foreigners in the audience. One woman in the back raised her hand, Katia. Thank goodness I hadn't been outed. The emcee went on to discuss how charming Irishmen try to be and how often foreign women fall for it.

I felt like I had dodged a big bullet until the two men at my table were coming back from a smoke break outside. Without thinking about it, the two walked right in front of the emcee while he was doing a bit. It was clearly an easier path than wading through the 300 people in the audience, but the emcee was very offended. Suddenly, we were no longer safe from the lime light.

First, he insulted the poor guys. I would explain this in more detail, but its a bit much strong language for my blog. Anyway, then he asked my name. Despite giving my first name (and nothing more) he noticed my accent. He asked where I'm traveling from. I told him from the US and that I live in Memphis. He was very impressed that I live in someplace a little different than the typical big cities such as New York.

Then he asked which of the two guys I have the misfortune of "dating." When I replied "neither," he asked how I know them. I said that they just sat at my table and I just met them. This set him off on another tirade about the two guys being huge jerks. (They were actually really sweet.)

He started to tell me not to let their Irish charm fool me. He said its only because I'm foreign and that they each have STDs and then he predicted which disease each one has.

He then asked why I was in Ireland-- for work or travel. I said travel and he expressed relief that I'm not stealing jobs from Europeans. Then he asked what I do. He was very impressed with Internet marketing and asked what industry I work in. When I said banking, he brought up Ireland's negative relationship with banks. He joked that it's like I kill unicorns... The last baby unicorn in fact... And that I eat it for dinner.

Keep in mind that this was in front of about 300 people. I don't know how well it comes across in my writing, but it was really hilarious. I enjoyed every minute and am so happy to share. I'm not sure however if the poor guys at my table would agree. He relentlessly teased them all night and even got another audience member to smack one of them on the head. Poor guys!

I found a video of the comedian, Keith Farnan, here:

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