Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Space and time

Someone told me once that the time while you're taking your long flight out of the country is the best, most exciting time. It's a space when you no longer have to prepare... When you are disconnected and able to enjoy the peace of having nothing to do (a very rare thing for me). He advised me to enjoy these 8 hours of my old self, because when I return, my life will have changed in some yet to be determined way.

Although it sounds dramatic, I guess it may be true. I mean, I certainly hope to have overcome my fear of solo public transportation at the very least. Other than that, who knows? It's hard to say really.

I'm writing this post just as my plane begins to land in London. London is officially my first stop. I will be visiting my friend Lisa and her husband Chris. I know Lisa from Memphis and originally met her at an event in my condo building. It's surprising how many people I've met that way over the years.

And the good news: I made both flights and all 4 train changes on the tube with relatively few hiccups. Chris met me at the final tube stop and Lisa had shown him my photo in advance (although I suspect my giant backpack may have been a give away too). Tonight, I'm so thankful to find such a welcoming place to stay with such nice friends from home.

This is just a reminder of just how small the world really is.

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