Friday, March 15, 2013

Pub Life.

Today was a fairly relaxed day in London. I slept in to give my sore legs a chance to heal. Then, I did quite a bit of research for my trip, corresponded with Memphis folks, and officially added a new country to my itinerary (how exciting).

Then, I headed out to the British Museum for a bit. It was quite cold and rainy today... And at one point my Internet connection decided not to work, but I made it there (eventually).

In the evening, I headed back to Lisa's where her husband made us a wonderful dinner with pork chops. After dinner, we hopped back on a train to try one of their favorite pubs: Feathers. It was very authentic. Lots of locals and even a dog. I had a local beer and then a scotch (a nod to my Memphis friends).

Here's a photo of me and Lisa. (Note: Photos are acting up on my blog, so this is a bit of an experiment).

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