Sunday, March 31, 2013

Success in Amsterdam

I'm pleased to report that day 3 in Amsterdam was a success. I walked about a mile from my hotel and visited a number of museums and shops.

First was the Van Gogh Museum. The line was wrapped completely around the side of the huge building where it's located, so I kept moving. Maybe I'll see it another day.

I headed next to Rembrandt's house. The home has been restored to look as it did when Rembrandt lived and worked there. It was stunning. Below are a few photos.

I also visited a photography museum called FOAM. FOAM was interesting and less expensive, but should definitely remain lower on the priority list if you're thinking of visiting.

I stopped by a few department stores. Metz & Co was closed for the holiday, so I went to V&D. They had an amazing cafeteria inside the store that included a big juice bar. I had a salmon sandwich with a fruit smoothie. Next, I checked out Bonneterie.

For a sugary snack, I stopped by Puccini chocolate store. The chocolate there was really amazing.

Last, but definitely not least, I stopped by Van Dobben for dinner. I tried these croquettes that I'd heard about. The experience reminded me of a cross between Johnny Rockets and Gus' Fried Chicken. I sat on a bar stool near the counter. The croquettes looked like fried cheese sticks on a piece of bread. They were quite tasty, but their hot liquid contents made me curious. I unfortunately Googled the meal while I was eating and learned that they're made of the less important meat parts from animals. Think of a hot dog that has somehow become liquid. Wow, that sounds bad... But believe me, they were tasty.

On my walk back, I passed a store whose specialty is American food. You can see a photo below of all the packaged goodness.

Now I'm at my hotel. It's midnight here. We had daylight savings time today. I've already slept about 3 hours and look forward to even more. After about 3 weeks of travel and countless time changes, I'm starting to feel a bit tired.

Oh, and by the way-- everyone was helpful today and nobody lectured me. :-)

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