Sunday, March 31, 2013

Travel tips

The more I'm traveling, the more travel tips come to my mind. Here are a few:

Bring clothes you can leave behind to make more space in your bag (tip from Jane S.)

Consider buying a few basic clothing pieces that you can wear out over the course of the trip (Rivers P.)

If you are having a really good time somewhere, change your plans and stay there (Greg T.)

Consider navigating by cell phone. Get a beefed up international plan, so that you can take advantage of tools like Google Maps for public transportation and restaurant reviews on Yelp. It's easier and you look less like a tourist.

Get an external battery for your phone. You will need the extra power for Google Maps.

Bring good shoes (that are not white athletic shoes) and good moisturizer. Your feet and skin will thank you.

Look for off the beaten path things to do. What hobbies do you like at home? Look up yoga, dance, or cooking classes for a chance to meet locals and learn something new. Check out sites like to find new friends that share your interests.

Be creative with your overall strategy. For example, I'm planning to FedEx some of my things back to lighten my load.

Don't plan every detail. To me, the most important thing to know is where I'm sleeping and how I will get there. The rest will work itself out.

Try new food. One of my favorite things is to go grocery shopping in a place. You'd be surprised at the random things you'll find.

Take breaks. Long days of traveling, especially for long periods, can be exhausting.

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