Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beach and ballet

Tuesday was fun. Laura and I visited my friend Lea on Bondi Beach.

On the way, we stopped by a big mall. Similar to other countries, the bottom floor of the mall is dedicated to food. They had a grocery store and many restaurants. We ate at a Japanese restaurant. I tried these giant sushi rolls I've seen everywhere here. They're like an uncut sushi roll, and everyone eats them as a big piece. After two, I was stuffed.

We took a bus from the mall to Lea's house on Bondi Beach. She lives there with her husband and two adorable children. Lea treated us to banana bread, tea, wine, and other snacks. We also took a long walk along the beach. It was really nice to see Lea and to meet her children.

After Bondi, I headed to the Sydney Opera House. I saw Don Quixote performed by the Australian Ballet company and accompanied by the Australian Opera Orchestra. Needless to say, it was pretty amazing. There were two intermissions where you could drink champagne and look out into the harbor. Below is a photo of the space.

Last, I headed to a bar that's at the top of the Shangri-la Hotel. It had a very nice view of the city. I asked for a recommended local beer and was given another German K├Âlsch beer. This time it was from a brewery called 4 Pines.

All in all, it was a very successful day!

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