Thursday, April 18, 2013

Singing and laughing in Melbourne

My first day in Australia was great! I flew in to Melbourne on an overnight flight and landed at 6:45 AM. My friend Julie picked me up from the airport and we went to her home.

I'm staying with Julie and her brother Adam. I know Julie from Memphis. She's originally from Australia and was doing research in Memphis. Visiting Julie's house has been a big contrast to the rest of my trip. I think she may be the only person I'm visiting with a car or a dishwasher.

All of my traveling definitely makes me miss the comforts that Memphis provides.

Julie and I walked from her house to the train. We took the train into town and walked around. We saw old historic buildings, including one that is built inside of another building to preserve it. We also walked all around a library before heading for a glass of Australian wine.

On the way to the wine, I spotted my first Lululemon store since leaving Memphis. That was quite exciting too. Ha.

For dinner, we went to a very nice Australian restaurant. I had white wine with a goat cheese and tomato salad, and a beautiful salmon.

After dinner, we attended a comedy show. It's the comedy festival in Melbourne right now, so we were able to watch a famous (singing) Australian comedian. He was great and a good singer. Unfortunately, I had only slept 4 hours and we were seated front and center. Fortunately, the comic didn't decide to pick on us during the show. :-)

It was a very successful night!

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