Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time for relaxation

I will keep today's post short. The purpose of my trip to Thailand is to rest and recharge. I've been traveling for a month now and I'm starting to get tired.

Today, I slept in, ordered room service, and got a massage. My legs are exhausted to the point that it hurts a bit to walk. I guess that walking everywhere for four weeks will do that. I'm taking vitamin C and trying to soak in a little TV.

Tomorrow, I hope to go to the beach and maybe to yoga, but the weather is predicting rain all day. I'm not sure of my strategy yet for downpours, but I guess I will figure that out. There's an umbrella in my room after all.

Below is a photo of the Pad Thai I had for dinner. Interestingly enough, it's covered with one thin cooked egg and wrapped up like a package.

Good morning to those in the US. I'm heading to sleep soon.

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