Sunday, April 21, 2013

Comedy in Sydney

My second day in Sydney was very relaxed. Shane and Laura knew that I was quite tired from traveling and let me sleep in.

When I woke up. Laura made me a tasty breakfast and I did my laundry.

In the evening, we went to a comedy show. First though, we stopped at a bar for a beer. The bar had the word "hotel" in the name, but Laura explained that's normal here-- especially when a place is not a bar. Next, we stopped for pizza at a place appropriately named, " Eat, Love, Pizza."

When we finally made it to the comedy venue, we realized it was a huge space. The Sydney Comedy Festival just started. It seems to be all of the same comedians as those in Melbourne. Just relocated. We saw a comedian from the UK named Ross. He was a random comedian that stayed away from political issues, but was fairly funny.

Afterward, we caught a cab home and I fell right to sleep.

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