Friday, April 26, 2013

Used Justin's and techie meet-up

Wednesday was an adventure. I started off by visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art. Like many other galleries, admission was free. To my surprise, there was an entire exhibit by Memphis photographer William Eggleston. It included photos from all over the South, but I didn't spot any photos from Memphis. The museum had a beautiful view of the water. It seems that almost everything does here.

Next, I headed down to Shady Pines Saloon. I had to take a bus there. Bus riding is far more complicated for me, since you have to know when to push the button to ask the driver to stop. Luckily, I found the stop on the first try. Finding Shady Pines however was a different story. The address for the bar is on one street while the entrance is on the alley of another street. It has no sign, and just a random door that you must walk through to get inside. The only marking on the door is a white sheet of paper with "Shady Pines" printed on it. Inside, I found a small bar filled with lots of whiskey, taxidermidy animals, and very old country music. They served peanuts in the shell at the old looking bar. The reviews said that this is a place you'd find in Texas. I picture it more as a place you might image Texas was like if you'd never been there.

On the way to my next stop, I went into a store called Route 66. I found USED Justin boots for $460 and new Wranglers for $150. These were along side rockabilly outfits.

Last, I walked to the meet-up group. It promised to be tech directors in Sydney. The group was fairly late, so I had left when I got a message that the group had arrived. I headed back to the nice Italian wine bar to find 3 other techies. I learned quite a lot about the digital culture here and the shortage for developers.

Afterward, I took a train home. Fortunately for me, Laura had made chicken tacos and had some left over. The day ended just as well as it started.

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