Friday, June 02, 2006

Customer Service Woes

Again with the bad customer service!

Remember my last customer experience with Sony?

Well, I mailed my laptop in to Sony 7 days ago when the customer service person told me that it would take 7 total days to get it back. This was the same person who verified my 3 year warranty.

That means it should be here today, right?


Today, I got a phone message from Sony with an estimate for almost $300 to fix my computer. This is the same computer that is under warranty!

So, I had to call back twice to finally get someone on the phone.

Me: I'm returning a call from Sony regarding an estimate on my computer. I have a question about this because the computer is under warranty.
Sony: Warranty? Are you sure? Is it an extended warranty?
Me: Yes, it is. And, I sent it in with that in mind.
Sony: Oh, yes. I see it here. Our data entry people sometimes just don't pay attention!
Me: Oh, good. I was concerned. Speaking of which-- When will I get it back?
Sony: Oh, I'd say in about 7 days.
Me: When I sent the computer in 7 days ago, I was told I'd get it back in 7 days.
Sony: Yes, when you send in a computer with a warranty, we guarantee that you'll get in back in 7 days. When it's not under warranty, it takes 11 days to 14 days.
Me: But, the computer is under warranty. Can you do something about this?
Sony: Oh, yes, I guess so. Let me put in to rush-rush-rush your computer back to you. (typing) There, it's in!
Me: Okay, so when should I expect the computer back?
Sony: Hmmm... let me get my calendar. Umm... let's shoot for say, Tuesday?

Ahhhh!!! What is the deal? Is there any computer company out there with good customer service?

Even when IBM did an onsite repair to Bo's laptop a few weeks ago, they had to come back a 2nd time because they broke it when they took it apart to fix it the 1st time...

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